11 Dating Tips For Teens

1. Accept that dating is a normal thing.

No matter what your parents think or say, teenagers dating is normal. 9 times out of 10, they were dating when they were teenagers. You can’t learn everything that you ought to know about life, just from attending school and doing homework. Of course, you can get some additional experience at homes, but it is also very important to develop the ability to give feelings, emotions, some time to another person you like, and to learn how to give it back. All this is important to build a strong and solid family.

2. Learn to look for options.

Hints can sometimes be unappreciated, which can lead to disagreements. But in some cases your partner won’t agree with you, then you should employ the art of negotiation. If you want to go to the movies, and your partner doesn’t want it, try to explain him that it is very important for you to see this movie, and tell him why you have to watch it. In other case, if your partner wants to do that you absolutely don’t want; you should find the option that will satisfy both of you.

3. Remember your mistakes and don’t step back.

The first thing to do is to find a suitable partner. You should understand that the first date won’t become a marriage which will last for the rest of your life. And if something wasn’t right for the first time, you should just stop and ask yourself what went wrong and what should I do to avoid the mistake so it won’t repeat in the future again. Be a realist, don’t blame yourself if you fail, you’re just trying for the first time. You learn from your mistakes, each time improving and moving to more strong and reliable relationship. Nobody is perfect, but there are certain things we all should know and use them in life. How to communicate with the opposite sex is one of the vital knowledge you should know.

4. Do not build relationships on jealousy and insults.

Jealousy is the most destructive force in your relationship. This emotion is a wild desire of your partner to know where you are. Of course, you are responsible for time, when you are with your partner, at this time you belong to him or her. But you’re a free man and you have a lot of other things to do. And, of course, you don’t have to report for each second spent without him or her. But you have your own interests and activities that your partner has to respect. He should understand it and give you the opportunity to be free. Another important factor in the relationship is trust, don’t forget about it.

5. During the date don’t control the action of your partner.

Do not let anyone enslave you, don’t be frightened to have your own opinion .If are told what to think, what to do, how to say, that means the man likes to control, you will feel a lack of freedom, break up with him immediately. The relationship may last for six weeks or six months, but in any case such a relationship will be over. At first sight it might seem that he’s caring about you, but he doesn’t, he’s just unreliable person. Youth is a dangerous time for everyone. But when someone forces a man to do something without his own will that is extremely dangerous, it can lead to irreversible consequences!

6. Never apologize for the behavior of your partner.

In the relationship each can behave inappropriately, but you never have to apologize for the actions of your partner, for his or her words. Your partner should take full response for his actions. If your partner isn’t ready to do so and you feel uncomfortable with him, then you should think of a break up.

7. Don’t go for a date with a person you don’t feel comfortable with.

If you feel discomfort with the person you’re close to, then there is no sense to continue the relationship. You should feel yourself loved and desired. Flattery in small amounts is always relevant. For example during the date, you can thank your partner because of his good preparing. After that he’ll want to see you again and will try to look better then he was.

8. Don’t impose someone your relationship, if it doesn’t go well.

Don’t think you’ll build a good relationship with the man who isn’t interested in you. People like to be valued, first of all for their personality with all their good and bad sides. Everyone wants to be noticed for their personality. But being emotionally dependent of other character, you are depriving yourself of being a unique and individual person.

9. Estimate your partner as an independent person.

When people fell in love with each other, they can skip their partner’s shortcomings and think that they love it. But soon such strong feelings are becoming weaker, what leads to conflict and to destruction of the relationship. That’s why you should treat your partner as an independent person with his own interests and views. And don’t force him to follow your side, even if you only believe in it, let him chose himself.

10. Don’t find fault with your partner.

It’s normal to emphasize something you don’t like in your partner, but don’t criticize him too often, it can become nagging. And he’ll soon start watching and reproaching you with pleasure if he has a chance. However it can reflect on your relationships.

11. Have fun and enjoy.

Dating isn’t a marathon run, its fun and pleasure of being in a company of a man you’re in love with.

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