Breaking up with someone you love or loved, is always hard. Why do people have to do it, if everything in your heart has already died? That the rules of the game called – love. There are a lot of articles about how to meet, but not how to break up. There are FIVE easy and only ONE proper way to break up. Here they are:
1. Break up with the help of SMS
Three words and it’s done, short and effective. For 5 cents your relationships are sent to a dustbin. You don’t have to be there, to see or to feel your partner’s reaction. If you really wanted to break up, never reply his answers.
2. Write to him that you want to break up
Say Goodbye by e-mail
This way can be equal to SMS one. Pretty fast and without much pain it will help you to end up everything. Type the words, press ‘SEND’ button and then add his computer number to ignore list. Everything is simple, you don’t have to worry your heart about, awake the memories. Here is an example what you can say: Our love-boat has crashed. I’ll swim to one side, and you swim to another. Goodbye.
Break up letter
If you can’t watch into his eyes, but you want to break up, the breaking up letter will help. You should think over each word, try not to make it too long, explain the reasons, let him know you don’t want it anymore. If he understands it correctly, he let you go, if not, he’ll need the answers.
3. Say Goodbye by phone
Break up with your partner by phone. Some say it’s almost an ideal way of breaking up, the others say it’s a complete lack of respect. Anyway you should prepare for such a talk. It can last for ten minutes, or even an hour. Such talks make you feel pain.
4. Help of your friend
Why should you do it, if you can ask your friend. Let your friend explain the situation and announce your break up. It’s an easy way, but you can lose a friend. What if they fall in love, you’ll lose them both. If it’s so hard for you to say or to write, you can try this option.
5. Personal meeting
The most proper and painful way of breaking up. Even if you’ve prepared for it, it’ll get out of control. Instead of tears you get anger. Instead of anger he gets tears or vice-versa. You can’t predict how it’s going to happen. Respect the man whom you share your sorrow and joy.
And remember, life is still flowing. Keep looking, don’t give up!

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