Drinking Games With Your Significant Other

Here’s an interesting date night idea: drinking games! I know the idea you have in your mind are those of college kids getting together and playing beer pong but you’re wrong.

beer pong

There are plenty of drinking games for couples out there which successfully combine a night of responsible drinking with an opportunity to learn even more about your partner.

Games are great for the well established couple who crap in front of each other or the newbies still in the infatuation phase. For the newbies, you get an opportunity to not only learn but lower your inhibitions and loosen up around each other. Don’t go getting drunk though, I see nothing positive coming out of that.

You might get laid but here at Loventer.com, we’re not in the business of trying to get anybody laid; we’re trying to help people create strong, long lasting relationships.

Also, this idea is more geared toward new couples or people who are just dating but for the established, this is just another fun activity that you can try out. What other fun date night ideas do you have in mind? And share some of your favorite drinking games as well! We’d love to hear them!

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