You fall in love easily when you’re young and you can discover and dating in your 40s. But sometimes break ups are inevitable. But it is in your power to get your loved one back.

First of all, I hope that you’re reading this article just because you’re curious, but if you’re in trouble and want to get some advice on what you should do – then read it carefully.

So, you’ve almost lost a person that means a lot to you and you’re struggling to get the answer on how to get him back. You have to find a way to communicate with him, but at the same time you have to develop a certain plan, so that he wouldn’t think that your further relations are a pointless waste of time. Your plan should be aimed on showing him all your positive sides. Keep in mind the following five points and start to act.

1. Realize that you won’t be able to see him for a period of time. Right now he’s gone, but don’t you dare to cry your eyes out. Think of the reason he left, mull over the past events – what exactly was wrong?

2. Take up something that will make you forget a bit about the break up. If you’ll be thinking about it constantly, you’ll always be in a gloomy mood. Make yourself thin about something more pleasant and show him that you’re thinking over the break up.

3. Stay calm when you see him – no matter when, where and in whose company. Show him that you’re strong and independent. Some guys begin to pay some attention to you if you ignore them.

4. Talk to him straight away. When you’re ready to talk with him – set a meeting with him. But don’t make him think that you’re going to beg him to come back. Discuss with him the reasons of your break up. Listen to his opinion and then suggest correcting your mistakes. But if he shows no interest in this – drop this topic.

5. Don’t hurry. Making up with your loved one can be a long process. Don’t press on him otherwise he’ll be gone for good. You’ve made some mistakes that have led to break up. Take your time and correct them.

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