Love and Dating In Your 40’s

Recently I wrote a post about dating tips for teens, so today I will be sharing a word with my middle aged daters. If you aren’t married by 40, don’t worry, there’s always hope out there and there’s someone for everyone in this world; why do you think the population naturally and consistently splits almost evenly between the two genders?

Very often when people turn 40 they start thinking that their life is over. Behind them lie one or more broken marriages, a couple of kids and career stairs, and now they are left face-to face with their mortgage and symptoms of the oncoming age. But is it really so? Can your life be over just because you failed to find your special someone and to develop strong bonds with him or her? Is it really the time for giving up? The answer is ‘no’.

Actually, singles in their 40s get another chance to start everything with a new page. Why? Because there are other people also looking to start fresh. Nowadays, more people are divorcing in their later years than ever before and re-entering the dating pool. Recently, in 2011 in England and Wales, the average age of divorcees was 44.5 for men and 42.1 for women.

Fortunately, when dating in their 40’s, people have none of the goals they used to set when they were 20 or 30 something and their priorities differ. At the same time such people have already achieved some professional position; they have already brought up their kids (or still in process) and have a steadier attitude towards all life accidents. They already know what they can offer to their partner and what they want in return, which makes it a lot easier. Of course, some romance and light-heartedness of the first dates will be lost, but we all have to bow to the inevitable.

Dating sites is a great opportunity to find a perfect match. Fill in the form without putting in false data (isn’t it what you expect from other users?), upload your photo (thus you’ll have more chances) and start searching. It is possible that you won’t succeed at first but at least you’ll have a good time while communicating with other people from all over the world and sharing with them all the things that happen to you. A recurring theme I see with people on dating sites, especially women, is a level of pickyness where they don’t even answer most messages because the “approach” wasn’t what they wanted.

As long as the other person isn’t being disrespectful, stop putting so much weight on the opening. Some of the most interesting people you will never meet because their opening didn’t wow you. I am by no means saying you should lower your standards, I’m only suggesting that you be more accessible. Some people are good at opening and but can’t hold a conversation beyond that. Speak to everyone you can – tell them little details about yourself and find out some about them. Yes, that’s what friends are for, but when you’re 40, you know all about your friends as well as they know all about you. Chatting with other people on a dating site will also turn out very exciting and amusing.

However, don’t forget about your looks while spending hours on-line. Make sure that you take care of your physical condition – sleep well, eat healthy food and attend a beauty parlor or barber shop, so that on your first date with the person from a dating site you will look as brilliant as you do in your profile picture which you probably took on one of your better days.

Happy dating!

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