Here comes the moment you’ve waited for the whole life, the girl of your dreams has accepted your invitation. Now the main thing is not to screw up and not to make mistakes that commonly occurred on the first dates.

1. Don’t forget to call
Your date begins even before you met. Be a gentleman and make sure that the date still stands. If she thought you’ve forgotten, she could go somewhere with her friends. The best option is to call her early in the morning, so she has enough time to prepare for a date with you tonight. Women like guys who take initiative – this is just one way you can do this.

2. Don’t try to impress her with the money you got
Money doesn’t impress a girl you want to be around long term. If you try to get a good woman with money, it won’t work. The feelings of closeness and love aren’t the feelings you can buy, so show your ability of dispense with girls, not the size of your wallet. During the first few dates be a gentleman. About a third date, you will feel comfortable being together, so you can share all the expenses for two: you’ll pay for movie tickets, and she’ll pay for popcorn.

3. Don’t talk about your ex
You shouldn’t talk about your previous ladies. A lot of guys love to talk and boast of their previous dating experience, but in fact, it’s boring to listen to all this. Avoid talking about your previous victories, if only she asked you about it. And even then the answer should be short.

4. Don’t make too many compliments
Of course, you love her for beauty and personal qualities, but don’t make a lot of compliments. Couple of compliments would be enough. If there is too much praise, it will be a sign for her that you’re not the one she wants.

5. Open doors in front of her
If you have a car with automatic doors opening system, that’s cool, but show that chivalry isn’t dead yet. Follow her to the passenger’s side door and open it for her. That’s gonna be the first door you open for her on this date.

6. Places to invite her to
Dinner on your first date should not take place in a fast-food restaurant like McDonald’s. Find a good and cozy place, where you both would feel comfortable, but don’t show off, bringing her to an expensive restaurant. Do not waste much time on choosing dishes in the menu. You should think about everything before hand, so you could show her, you have everything under control. But if she wants to choose, let her make her choice.

7. Talking on the phone
Turn off the phone. Dates should not be interrupted by the phone calls or text messages. Show her, she is the only one, you’re interested in right now.

Girls please tell us what other mistakes your boyfriend occurred on a first date.

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