We all know that no relationships are possible without trust. Nevertheless, we all lie. White lies, simple lies – we’re messed up with them. And sometimes it’s so hard to get to the reason of the lie. Sometimes it seems that there are no reasons for lying, but we still hear it. It sometimes happens that you find a boyfriend – and one day you notice that he’s lying to you. Why do men lie to their girlfriend is probably the most complicated question, but we managed to find explanations for some cases.

Case 1. “You’re looking great, honey”
According to an Internet research of a popular edition, a lot of men confessed that they lie to their girlfriends about how they look. Girl will get a positive answer in 88% of the cases, when her outfit is actually a bit weird. But that’s quite easy to explain: they want to avoid the girl’s nagging and hysterics. But sometimes they should really pay attention to the question, maybe their girlfriends rally want to know the truth, especially if a big event is coming.

Case 2. “I don’t remember how many girls I’ve had before you. A lot, probably”
These lies take the second place on our pedestal of lies. Men can’t but exaggerate the number of their ex-girlfriends. They’re afraid that if the girl discovers the truth she’ll think of him as of a poor lover. And that will certainly hurt the man’s self-esteem. Among men a big number of ex-partners means that the guy is cool. But the girl may not tolerate such exaggeration. In this case they should better lie that they don’t remember. Of course, they do! But let them “forget” instead of coloring the truth with many girlfriends.

Case 3. “I’m working and working – I’m so tired of how much I work”
That’s the third most popular lie. Men want to look tough and to be real bread-winners. They love to be comforted and soothed after they have worked so hard. And don’t ask the about wages, or you may hear another lie. Small wages is a sign of failure – the thing they usually can’t put up with. Yes, he may drive a rusty old Ford, but he still earns “a lot” – and it’s no use arguing.

OK, now you’re ready to find a someone or get your ex-boyfriend back and be prepared to hear some lies.

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